Here at Gymnast Factory, we focus on three deferent events. The jumps become increasingly more difficult with each level of competition. It is fast paced and an absolute thrill to see.


Most everyone is familiar with the standard trampoline. The performer does a series of ten jumps in a row with no stops in-between.

Power Tumbling

Power tumbling is a 100’ rod floor (fiberglass rods) upon which the athlete performs a long, single series of acrobatic skills. The early levels consist of multiple back handsprings while the upper levels “flip out” connecting skill as difficult as double layouts and triple back tucks.

Double mini tramp

Power tumbling is smaller trampoline with two jumping surfaces. The first is at a slight angle the is followed by another that flat. The performer does one jump from the angled section to the flat section, and dismounts off the trampoline with a second jump.

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